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A beautiful desk!

My husband gave me the best gift today – a desk! A desk that was made with his bare hands, from reclaimed wood on our property. Over the last two days he worked his ass off to make it so I could start next week fresh; new internet, and a new place to sit.

The desk is beautiful – well built (like a tank) and blending my design style and the style of the house. It has a very authentic Pottery Barn meets Anthropologie, but really is from Restoration Hardware look.

I love that he made it for me. Best give ever. Now, time to work and make the big bucks!

My New Desk

The Masterpiece in its Final Resting Place

There is maybe not much better than a desk. It holds a value beyond monetary, it is my lifeline to the universe of creativity. A painter needs a brush and a canvas, a chef needs a knife and ingredients… but all I need is a desk and a laptop (arguably, not even a chair is necessary).

My creativity is released from within the boards of the desktop. I know it may sound silly, but my pens in a cup look better and my mouse rests better on my desk.