Ra’Co is a balanced combination of lifestyle, work and diet which work together to create the optimum life. This system is based on a method of living developed by Kurtis & Rache Brand and named for Raw + Cooked food; Ra’Co.

We believe it is all in the balance; the good with the bad, the play with the work, and the healthy with the unhealthy. When you mix it all together you get all you need to have a healthy, spectacular, and long life.

It takes wanting a life to have one. We find most people around us are like we used to be; ambitious, full of energy and passionate towards work. But that associated lifestyle matches a busy work life, leaving little time for much else. When we were in that state our happiness and general life satisfaction were waning, and we were spinning our wheels to ‘Work more. Make more. Have more.’


That’s the choice each of us get to make. For us, we want more time. Life is short and you only get one shot. We want more out of life; family, friends, creativity, mindfulness, opportunity, nature, flavor…  and to enjoy each of those things more, we found it all starts with more time.

Ra'Co Life Tidbit: Take control of your life and build a foundation beginning with balance.

Our Story

Since her early 20’s, Rache was a self-guided prisoner of work, but found freedom in the kitchen.

Kurt spent half a lifetime in search of contentedness. At a Zen Monastery in LA, he found raw food.

Rache and Kurt both attended Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, MD at the same time, but never met. Through their educational background and their interest in raw food, they came together in Ithaca, NY.

Together they have created a balanced life based on the principals of their diet and called it Ra’Co Life.

Our Balance

Take food for an example: We look at a meal as something which offers taste, texture, nutrition, fulfillment, energy and variety. The key take aways being nutrition and fulfillment.

  1. Nutrition is primarily found in raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts  – a plant based diet.
  2. Fulfillment is our history and our familial traditions, things that we are used to consuming and enjoy eating.

The two become the balance of a complete meal: its a realistic way of eating.

Apply this formula to any other element of your life and you will have the perfect balance. 

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The Brand Fam


Kurt has always had an interest in raw food and his last 4 years of living in and out of Zen Centers has proven his interests as a fruitful business opportunity which was what he was doing a year ago. Over the summer, Rache’s mom pushed Kurt to share his work with her students and immediately the engine of his painting took over, rekindling a burning within him. He is finally where he is supposed to be: a fully committed artist.



Rache has also always loved food, but with the trials and tribulations of a dying economy and a push for better food costs and cheaper build outs, it has been challenging to want to remain centered within the industry. Simply put, she is tired of fighting the good fight in a place unwilling to listen. So now, she has taken over the responsibility of marketing and managing Kurt’s business and is working towards wanting to be a stay at home mom.


Iza Ruby

Iza is hilariously independent and energizes us by her smile, her wit and her constant learning. She is our best creation to date, and we have grown exponentially with her arrival. She has grounded us in a way we didn’t know existed.


Portraits of Our Life & the People in it

Places – Before and as a Family

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