Seeking An Au Pair / Nanny (Full Time) – Inquire Within

Seeking an Au Pair / Nanny (Full Time) – Inquire Within

Seeking a Nanny or Au Pair to engage our children and support for the next year. We are a very energetic family with lots of projects, and our new Au Pair will be in the mix of it all, supplementing during the times that are challenging for our family.

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Obsession With Ice During Pregnancy

Obsession with Ice During Pregnancy

Pregnancy does some weird things to a body, but ice obsession? Crunching ice is a ‘thing’: a result of an obsessive behavior, pica or iron deficiency.

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The Lake For Lovers…

The Lake for Lovers…

Walking into the entrance feels like we are going back in time to Italy, but with a modern, almost Brooklynesque edge. There are fantastic cocktails and unusual cheeses from around the world. The menu is robust and full of delicious offerings. Some with meat, some with light fare and all with unusual cheeses. It far exceeded all our expectations for what a wine & cheese bar should be (in any country and in any place in the world).

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