Co-Sleeping with a Toddler

Wiped out.

I’m kicked and hit, my face is smooshed and I nearly roll off the bed, everytime. This little lady thinks she is 250lbs and 6′ long. She takes up the entire bed and then some… and it never seems to be enough space. Where do these creatures get off without sharing? We have given them life and then they just take, take, take from the moment they arrive.

In all seriousness, we keep trying to co-sleep with Iza because we love to cuddle her and be close to her when she is so small. She latches on when she is falling to sleep and gives the best hugs! During the day, she never stops moving, but at night its the same, she never stops moving.

If you can’t tell, I have just been up all night because Kurt heard her coughing and brought her into our bed. She didn’t want to sleep on the bed, she had to lay on top of me with her head buried in my neck. I could hardly breathe so I moved her to the side and then she started the rustle and roll, taking us both out in her midst. Fun stuff.

Anyone that co-sleeps I give major snaps too. This family is just simple not meant to do it.

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