Day Jobs

D O N ‘ T   W O R R Y ,  W E  W O N ‘ T   Q U I T   O U R

Day Jobs

There is not much that we wouldn’t try at least once. Like everyone in the world, we are just trying to make it, and to enjoy ourselves along the way.

We are both graced with talent and ambition to make our ‘dreams’ realized, but goddammit, it is so freaking hard. We do work our butts off and everything feels hard, but we are ticking up the ladder as we go. It’s challenging to keep the balance with our work, our family life and Ra’Co – wanting to have it all.

O U R  E N D


Be able to work together every day on something fulfilling, focused, and positive. Use our creativity. Be financially self-reliant. Be our own boss. See our kids whenever we want.

Kurt: be a name in the art community.
Rache: never be on a conference call again.

I N  C A S E  Y O U R  W O N D E R I N G

What We Do

For over a decade, I have developed food brands and consumer packaged goods. My background is in branding, and I am trained in research and project management. I am passionate, fresh, creative, and full of ideas. I have run an International company called TILT and consulted on a regular basis. My side projects have always included furthering my education, such as participating in research projects and connecting with like-minded individuals.”



I have not made a career of art; I have made a career of life. My ambition has only been to understand myself. It is only now that I have lived and begun to understand myself that I can begin to pursue my art in a way that I have not done before. My art is highly personal, and I want all of my materials to represent me or my loved ones. A used toothpick, an eye patch, a baby blanket, or a t-shirt all become sources of realization. Each one carries memory, experience, and power much like a lock of hair used to cast a spell on an unassuming victim.”


H O W  W I L L  W E  G E T  T H E R E ?

Step By Step

  1. Create a vision of our end game.
  2. Map out a budget, timeline, and opportunities to meet that end game.
  3. Work each day a little towards the end game.
  4. Reserve cash for a rainy day.
  5. Focus on the future and the present, not the past.