The best food in the world is made right in your own kitchen, but eating out brings a totally new perspective and experience to our lives. We are big fans of all kinds of foods, from haute cuisine to street carts. As part of Rache’s job, we are always looking at new spaces and concepts around the world. It is not just about the taste of the food, it is the total package, from design to the guest experience.

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Ra'Co Tidbit: Besides eating for health, go for experience first, flavor second and presentation third.

Key Ingredients to Ra'Co Preparation


Don’t waste time on preparation of this one – we get fantastic raw granola, throw on some hemp seed and a dash coconut or almond milk on top. Some nice additives are honey or maple syrup; substitute these for sugar. Always pair with some variation of a green juice made of kale, lemon, celery, parsley, ginger and cucumber.


We always have a few nuts and seeds around, and fruit is another go to. Here pineapples and papaya are in season, but oranges and apples are great items to have on hand. Add avocado and feel the power!


This is the best meal of the day. We love to cook as a family and share an hour break in the middle of it all. We typically have a salad, rice and vegetables, but energy soup is often popular, as is stirfry. Rache is a rockstar at stirfry.


This is typically a rushed affair – Iza needs to get to bed and we are rushing around trying to wrap things up for the night. We also know it is not good to eat too late, so we try to stick with the basics like salad and soup, or 1 pan dishes like vegetable curry, etc. We enjoy making a big Sunday dinner in the afternoon some weekends and we try for fish or kebabs. Rache doesn’t eat meat (just fish), but Iza and Kurt do and we always try to accommodate at least 1 meal a week with a carnivorous item.


We don’t have a lot of time at night, so dessert tends to be forgotten (although it is Kurt’s favorite). Rache enjoys wine and dark chocolate, and Kurt will sometimes have fruit or a cookie if we have them. We also frequently go for raw cookies which are made from sesame seeds, buckwheat and dates.

Requirements for a Ra'Co Kitchen



Fresh Food Small

Let’s face it, we always feel better when we eat healthier. It is like a hangover when we eat something we know is not good for us and we get:

  • Sluggish and unmotivated
  • Feel heavier
  • Moody

There is nothing like maintaining a healthy balance to stay on target and be happy. Our kitchen is always filled to the brim with fresh food as visual reminders of what we should be eating and how we should be living. To save time our menus are planned early on in the week , and we try to limit the ‘bad food’ consumption by not having it around. Even so, nachos and pizza sometimes call on us, and we must abide! It’s all about balance.


Kurtis With Martini

We would love to say that we are healthy all the time and take care of ourselves, but the fact of the matter is we:

  1. Are only human
  2. Get bored easily and like change
  3. Love indulging in treats

We try to do healthy versions of the above, but sometimes we take the leap and go for the really good stuff.

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