Kurtis Brand Pita Green Fi

From the Studio…week of 9-15-14

Every Friday I post an update about whats been happening in my studio. New ideas, new work, places I’m showing, people I am working with, writings, materials….anything I can think of that lets you know whats new with my art practice.

So whats been going on?

  • Went shopping at the local dollar store in the neighboring town of San Juan La Laguna. Love this place! Bought a ton of pita, the nylon chord I am working with right now.
  • Started a new studio space in the treehouse for my series of paintings dealing with emptiness. This is now a silent space away from the day to day operations at our house and other studio. These paintings are minimal pieces in which meditation is essential to the process.
  • Built some new frames for larger “pita” pieces. Pita pieces are becoming more sculptural.
  • New ideas for paintings and constructions designed with iphone apps.