The Incredible Grocery Experiences

RA’CO on the road is always looking for great markets and grocery shopping experiences. Rache and Kurt usually find that when they are visiting family they either have to pack their own food or shop when they get to where they are going because of our families have more traditional diets than we do. We have a lot of special needs like gluten free flours and snacks, organic produce, raw organic seeds and nuts and various raw foods and snacks so we usually look for local health food stores or a local Whole Foods Market. And we love specialty shops like gourmet olive oil and vinegar shops or tea houses that have really good Japanese green teas.

On this trip to Cincinnati we have had two really great shopping experiences. The first was a Whole Foods in Chagrin Falls in Cleveland that really took it to the next level with their design and the products they featured. We loved the fact that they put a lot of effort into the presentation with custom finishes and build outs and that they featured lots of cutting edge products like specialty infused olive oils and vinegars. Great job Whole Foods!

In Cincinnati we just experienced one of the most amazing markets we have seen yet called Jungle Jim’s. This place is legendary in the Midwest. If you’re ever in Cincinnati and you’re a hardcore foodie like us then you have to go! The owner is super interesting and quirky guy who has turned his massive food store in a shopping paradise fitted out with a jungle theme, massive wine cellar, live fish tanks, outdoor ponds, candy shop, kitchen equipment shop and one of the best healthy food sections we have ever seen. Rache was like, “Man, if we ever do get married, we should do it here and have a registry here!”

We went to Jungle Jim’s to get ingredients for our healthy gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan and raw dishes that we will be adding to Kurt’s family’s usual Thanksgiving menu. (Please visit the menu page for all of our recipes for these dishes.) There was nothing that they didn’t have, and Kurt’s Mom (Sue) picked up all of her special international products that she likes to buy for her Swiss husband Paul.

Thanks Jungle Jim’s for all of your offerings and helping us to make this Thanksgiving a super special and healthy event!

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