Introducing Z!BE…

You know those days that define you for a lifetime? The ones where you anticipate a variety of emotions, but nothing can make up for the real thing that’s about to happen?

Well, well, well… today is probably the most exciting, scary and life changing moment of either of our lives. Rache came home and just immediately felt like something was up. She didn’t bother to share with Kurt her internal feeling and just went ahead and took a pregnancy test in the bathroom. We are an “open-pee” household and typically the door only gets shut when we want utter and complete privacy, so Kurt assumed his role to not bother… but today maybe reading minds would have been ideal. It tested positive and a series of panicked moments occurred in the bathroom before even coming out to share the news. Potentially passing out might have been on the list of the panicked moments.

Coming out into the apartment was like a white light battering against Rache’s face. She leaned against the wall and said, holding up the First Response Blue Stick, “We’re Pregnant.” Kurt, in similar fashion to Rache, looked up, panicked and said, “What?” Like as is if the outcome would be different the next time he heard it.

You can plan all you want, but when the moment hits you and you find out that your life is about to change forever, it is intense. This September day, as the heat of the summer is waning, we are beginning our life forward as parents, anticipating spring for the arrival of our little Z!BE.

Why Z!BE? Why not? Everyone calls their little growing Zygote “peanut” or “nugget” and we just figured why not start branding our little life form with its own name. So, Z!BE it is.

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