Kiss or Bite

These days with Iza we just never know what we are going to get from one second to the next. This Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde behavior model is getting old, real quick. One minute she is all smiles and then next she is on the floor having a full-on meltdown. She loves to kiss arms when she is in a good mood and when she is in a bad one she will bite you as hard as she can. It’s difficult to know what you are going to get with her, and it seems to switch so rapidly.

Of course there are serious concerns with this too. The biggest is that Kurt and I both have diagnosed mental unbalances (although I maintain with medication and Kurt maintains with meditation) and we start considering whether or not Iza will fit in this category and if these are indications… and that is frightening and guilt-ridden. Could she be bipolar?

In actuality, we know that she is a baby and her brain and her body are growing at different stages. She is frustrated she can’t do certain things and she gets angry and crazy when she can’t figure out why things aren’t connecting for her. She lashes out at anything in her path.

The kisses are obvious to show love, but the biting is an interesting choice. I have heard of kids biting before, but it was certainly not what I would have expected.

I suppose we are nearly in the terrible 2’s and nothing should be expected.

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