La Fortuna Lake Atitlan Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are BIG fans of La Fortuna.

We live here and we still wanted to spend the night! That has to say something, right?

The front building is expertly designed and appointed, setting the tone of some kind of Bali adventure. There were coffee beans drying out in the yard and a beautiful display of indigenous and fruit trees throughout the property. Those who have come to the lake know how rare it is to see mature trees, and La Fortuna is filled with them. Kat and Steve have done a brilliant job of designing their casitas, everything from the mirrors to the outdoor seating and bathrooms has been carefully planned designed and thought through.

From a food perspective we were happy to see that Kat and Steve have done a good job of selecting a decent wine list and considered tasty dishes which were executed beautifully. All my food allergies were accommodated for and Kat was extremely intelligent on the subject. We are looking forward to eating there again soon… even outside of staying there.

We highly recommend coming to La Fortuna, especially if you are looking for a quiet retreat in the woods surrounded by nature with your mate or family. It is beautiful!

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