By following the Ra’Co Life way, you will live life to the fullest – no matter where you are and what you are doing. 

Preventive health is probably the single most important aspect. Your actions towards the now and longevity for your future underlie absolutely everything you do.

Engraining yourself into the local culture is another important component of your life. When we lived in NYC, our life was surrounded by art, music and incredible foods from around the world. On our travels we invest ourselves into the culture, community and the landscape surrounding us. We work to expand our creativity by working with the locals and seeing life from their perspective. You can too, but just opening your eyes.

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A life is only worth living if you give your full heart.

Our Daily Routine


Successful people always have a clear and consistent routine. Ours is ever fluctuating, but right now we have hit a pretty good groove.

  • 5:00am Wake and stretch. Our day begins.
  • 6:00am Iza wakes and we play as a family for a few minutes.
  • 6:30am Family breakfast
  • 7:30am Iza goes to school (Rache takes her or the carpool)
  • 8:00am Work for Kurt and Rache
  • 12:30pm Iza comes home from school
  • 1:00pm Make lunch and eat as a family
  • 1:45pm Family power walk, Iza goes down for her nap
  • 2:00pm Kurt and Rache to resume work
  • 4:00pm Iza is up and it’s “Play time” (one or both of us play)
  • 5:30pm Make dinner and eat
  • 8:00pm Iza’s bedtime, Kurt and Rache get a moment to relax
  • 10:00pm Lights out

More excitement is around the corner, but consistency is best for the time being and for our health.

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