Meds in Guatemala?

Eons ago when we were back in New York, Rache had her doctor call in a prescription for a 3 month supply that would get her through the time we planned on staying in Guatemala. Didn’t seem like an issue. She already had a one month supply and  knew she had to go back to New York for a business meeting so would pick up the 3 month supply then to get her through the rest of our stay in Guatemala. Nope, didn’t work out that way. Back in New York the prescription got messed up, her doctor was AWOL and she was left unable to get the new prescription. Clear as mud? Sorry. So we had a lot to worry about as she now had no good way to get her meds. She could get them mailed if she could finally make contact with her doctor, which wasn’t really happening. We had a friend here that went through the same situation, and she went through hell trying to deal with the postal system and waiting to finally get her shipment.

Rache finally decided to see a local doctor here in Santa Cruz to see if he could prescribe the meds for her. The doctor told her that they don’t really do prescriptions here and that she could buy the meds over the counter at a pharmacy in Panajachel. What! You mean back in the states we have to go through hell to get the meds she needs, and here you can just go up to the counter, ask for the meds, they hand it to you, you pay for it and leave. Relief!

After I heard that I got to thinking. A few days ago I smashed my toe on a rock while hiking up the mountain to Casita Blanca and was hobbling around in a fair amount of pain. Ibuprofen just wasn’t cutting it. I thought, “If Rache can get her meds over the counter,  maybe I can get something for my broken toe.” A quick internet search confirmed this was possible. Just ask for Kodone, and you will be given a nice new box of Vicodin, no questions asked. I went to the pharmacy, told them in my terrible Spanish that I had broken my toe and they offered Ibuprofen. “Ummmm, no, necessito medicina mucho fuerte.” They put the Ibuprofen back and handed me the Kodone. They also added, “How many boxes would you like?” For real!?!? I said one would due, paid the lady, and walked out.

Chalk up another win for The Brand Fam! The meds are expensive, and I’m really not into taking pills at all, but in this case, you better believe I’m on it!

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