My Little Monkey

This little lady is actually a little lady. I can’t believe how quickly she is changing and how much her life is becoming her own. She runs around and plays on her own, goes up and down the stairs and is just as sassy as she looks. She reminds me a lot of what people tell me I was like, but in the same breathe, I know that Iza Ruby Brand is her own girl.

When I was Iza’s age, my dad always said I would walk into a room and light it up… I would make eye contact with every person, and smile. Iza is also engaging and smiley, with the same uncanny ability to light up a room. She also has her own sparkle that is beyond just engaging – she is a full on clown with a fantastic sense of humor. She loves to see people laugh and she works really hard to make sure everyone knows that she is there and that she wants you to be happy. It started on the subway when she was 4-months old and now at 18-months she is still doing the same thing on the launcha (the public boat).

But we know that there is always a balance: At home, at Iza’s age and beyond – I was a tyrant of complication and darkness much of the time. Many of the pictures you see outside of the house are with bright smiles, and the ones that I have at home (like the featured image in this post) I look bitchy. I suppose there is an explanation for it now, but at the time, I was just a broody kid. Of course we are always watching out for the signs of similarity.

Luckily, Iza is different on the flip side of her happy. She is not dark or complicated like I was, although she does have her moments of switch-hitter behavior. She needs downtime too, and at the present it seems as though Baby Einstein has been doing the trick lately. I would venture to guess that she is pretty normal – She is light and free of sadness and worry. And like most kids, she goes from clown to exhausted in 1 minute flat.

It is fun to reflect on our differences and similarities, especially since everyone that knows us both says we have wildly similar personalities and facial structures. For me, I just love this little monkey exactly for who she is.


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