Off-Season Travel

There are moments in your life where suddenly it is defined by something larger than you. Kurt and I have always flown by the seat of our pants. We some how manage to spend out more than we make and not have debt, we have moved 5 times in Iza’s 1st year, live out of bins, have more family members than most people have friends. We work from home, still manage to cook every meal together and spend time together everyday. We really live a magical existence and we are grateful to many for helping us to make this happen – especially during Iza’s formative years.

It is with great excitement that we start a new pattern as a family: off-season travel. For this summer we plan to travel to Central America to set up shop and spend 4-5 months a year living in a beautiful home on the water in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The goal is to save money, enjoy more of our time together in a place near the water with gorgeous weather, lots to explore and see and to have a change of pace from NYC’s busy life. Most of what we have been working on over the past couple of years has been to make our online businesses soar and make money while we sleep, now we are ready to put our energy into expanding our presence. Oh, and the weather is awesome (contrary to belief).


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