On The Road

Eating… On the Road

It is challenging to eat my diet on the road while not pregnant, but toss in the added excitement of rotating food interests and it is quite impossible. I travel 2-3 days a week for work typically and I have to plan ahead.

2 days and 1 night is always in the same area and often I can stay at my mom and her partner Drew’s house which makes it easier so I can cook, etc. But when I don’t stay there, I have to make accommodations for it. When I don’t have a car, and have to travel by train or plane, that makes things even a bit more complicated.

Here are just a few things I try to always carry:

  • Individual packets of raw almond butter and rice cakes.
  • Large honey crisp apple and a folding knife.
  • Tangerines or oranges when in season.
  • For breakfast, Qia mix.
  • Extra tea bags and tea cup.
  • Dehydrated beet chips.
  • Extra gallon jug of water in the back of my car (fill it up fresh before each trip) to use to fill up my water bottle when it is empty.
  • All-Natural sucking candies.
  • Rice puffs and toasted almonds.
  • Raw bars.

Sounds like a lot, but I like variety. I do my best to try to have a salad twice a day and if I am just going for an overnight I will bring hard boiled eggs.

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