Our Detox….

Though we haven’t done it in a while now due to our crazy nomadic lifestyle over the past few months, Detoxing is usually a big deal for Kurt and Rache.  And we commit to doing it for 10 days at least twice a year.  For Rache, it’s no big effort because she eats that way a lot of the time anyway.  And for Kurt it’s a part of his business, Kurt’s Cuisine, to prepare and deliver detox food packages to people who like to cleanse their body and eat healthy.

Our detox is based on the Anne Wigmore diet and it’s raw, vegan and mostly green.  We love it, but it can be a challenge for those who eat a crappy diet full of sugar, meat, bread etc….all very acidic. So the detox aims to bring your body back to an alkaline state which can, when completed, allow you to lose a few of those extra pounds you may be carrying, boost your energy level and feeling of well being, drastically clear up your skin and give you an overall feeling of clarity and radiance. For us, it definitely works.

Throughout the ten days that we cleanse, we eat a raw green vegetable soup called Energy Soup that is the basis of the diet. And they don’t call it energy soup for nothing! It really gives you a big boost every time you drink it. We also have lots of green drinks and eat big salads for lunch and dinner, and have a shot of wheatgrass once a day. And thats it! It’s definitely a challenge eating the same thing for 10 days, but the end result is so worth it.

It’s been a while now since we last detoxed. The last time we did it was at the lake house, but the new year is coming on and thats always a good time to cleanse. Rache, of course, is carrying Z!BE so we don’k a big detox is order for her for a while. But Kurt is definitely in need and looking forward to getting through the holidays and starting the year off right.

We definitely encourage people to try to detox once or twice a year and maintain a healthy diet.

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