Pure Exhaustion

13 weeks in and the exhaustion has just hit. Everyone says that the first trimester is a full on wipe out, but I felt great and had tons of energy and very little nausea and sickness. So, now, in the tri-mester where I am supposed be normal, I am taking on all the traits of the first tri-mester and all I can think about it sleep. It is like the last 20 years of my life has caught up with me and all I want to do is sleep it off. As we all know, the more you sleep, the less good sleep you get, so I am basically always in a slow moving state like a trance, as of late.

This weekend I decided I pretty much had gotten to the end of the rope with myself. I suppose you are not supposed to ‘push through the pain’ as I have in all other moments of my life, so now I am retraining myself to instead, be kind and still honor the exhaustion, but to establish boundaries for when and how it comes into play.

For example:

  • Don’t sleep less than 8 hours during the week, but no more than 9.
  • On the weekends, get up in the morning and do something, don’t spend the whole morning in bed.
  • Embrace exhaustion, be kind to yourself and not upset that you don’t have energy to run a marathon everyday.
  • Let Kurt pull me along when we run or hike and let him bark at me when I renege on my plan.
  • Take naps whenever I need to.

It is certainly a retraining, but it is helpful to know how important it is to the babies welfare that I am moving, active and remaining positive. And it is great to have a partner so willing to support and push me along when the going gets tough. 🙂

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