GroVia Hybrid Starter Kit, No Prep

GroVia Diaper System Hybrid Live Package No Prep Starter Kit


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The GroVia® Hybrid No Prep Diaper System is a fantastic way to give back to the planet and ensure your baby has a comfortable start in life. While effective, it is incredibly soft and flexible, allowing for uninhibited movement against the skin.

We are looking forward to using this from the start with our new baby. Iza is already in the trainers and is doing great!


Live the GroVia® Diaper System! This package allows you to diaper your baby full time with GroVia® at a 10% discount!

  • 12 GroVia® Shells
  • 24 GroVia® No Prep Soaker Pads
  • 4 GroVia® Stay Dry Boosters

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Ra'Co Life Absorbency SystemHow It Works
The Hybrid diaper is just what it sounds like: a beautifully functional, modern diapering system that can be adapted to suit your needs. Choose from a number of cloth and eco-friendly disposable absorbent ’soaker’ options that attach to a soft, comfy waterproof outer ‘Shell.’ The assembled diaper fastens around your baby just like a disposable.

When your baby’s diaper is wet, simply remove the Soaker Pad or disposable BioSoaker from the Shell and replace with a new one. Don’t worry—we’ve thought of everything, Including waterproof backing on all types of soakers to keep your hands clean! Plus, Shells can be worn 2-3 times before laundering again, which positively impacts both your wallet and the environment!

Absorbency at a glance
You can choose from cloth Soaker Pads—either Organic Cotton, Stay Dry, or No Prep—or our patented eco-friendly disposable BioSoaker. All four options are designed with elasticized leg gussets to contain messes. BioSoakers adhere to the Shell with sticky tabs, and Soaker Pads snap in.

The hallmark of our Hybrid design is simple flexibility. You may choose to stick with one type of soaker, or you may want to experience the full range of options.

(Also compatible with the GroVia Hybrid Shell are our soft, tagless Bamboo Prefold Diapers.)

Here at GroVia, our top priorities are getting your diapers clean and keeping your baby’s skin healthy.

We want to make it as easy as possible to wash your diapers by offering a common sense approach that includes a simple wash routine and easily-accessible detergent options. The information below is just a guide – you may need to do some little trial and error in order to find the perfect solution for your unique situation. If you have questions on your wash routine, please reach out to us anytime! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • As with any other diaper, remove as much solid material (flush or otherwise dispose) as possible at time of diaper change. Consider GroVia BioLiners to simplify this process.
  • For Hybrid Shells (hook & loop only), tuck tabs under the integrated tab loops before washing.
  • GroVia All-In-Ones, Hybrid Shells, and Soaker Pads may be washed together on warm.
  • Always use the full recommended amount of a good-cleaning detergent.
  • We HIGHLY recommend that Hybrid Shells be line-dried. They dry very quickly and will last longer this way. All In One diapers and Soaker Pads may be tumble-dried.


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