The Happiest Baby on the Block

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1. The 4th Trimester: Re-creating the womblike atmosphere your newborn baby still yearns for.
2. The Calming Reflex: Quickly sooths fussing and crying.


In perhaps the most important parenting book of the decade, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals an extraordinary treasure sought by parents for centuries—an automatic “off-switch” for their baby’s crying.

No wonder pediatricians across the country are praising him and thousands of Los Angeles parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Pierce Brosnan, have turned to him to learn the secrets for making babies happy.

Never again will parents have to stand by helpless and frazzled while their poor baby cries and cries. Dr. Karp has found there IS a remedy for colic. “I share with parents techniques known only to the most gifted baby soothers throughout history …and I explain exactly how they work.”

In an innovative and thought-provoking reevaluation of early infancy, Dr. Karp blends modern science and ancient wisdom to prove that newborns are not fully ready for the world when they are born. Through his research and experience, he has developed four basic principles that are crucial for understanding babies as well as improving their sleep and soothing their senses:

The Missing Fourth Trimester: as odd as it may sound, one of the main reasons babies cry is because they are born three months too soon.

The Calming Reflex: the automatic reset switches to stop crying of any baby in the first few months of life.

The 5 “S’s”: the simple steps (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking) that trigger the calming reflex. For centuries, parents have tried these methods only to fail because, as with a knee reflex, the calming reflex only works when it is triggered in precisely the right way. Unlike other books that merely list these techniques, Dr. Karp teaches parents exactly how to do them, to guide cranky infants to calm and easy babies to serenity in minutes…and help them sleep longer too.

The Cuddle Cure: the perfect mix the 5 “S’s” that can soothe even the most colicky of infants.

In the book, Dr. Karp also explains:

  • What is colic?
  • Why do most babies get much more upset in the evening?
  • How can a parent calm a baby—in mere minutes?
  • Can babies be spoiled?
  • When should a parent of a crying baby call the doctor?
  • How can a parent get their baby to sleep a few hours longer?

Even the most loving moms and dads sometimes feel pushed to the breaking point by their infant’s persistent cries. Coming to the rescue, however, Dr. Karp places in the hands of parents, grandparents, and all childcare givers the tools they need to be able to calm their babies almost as easily as…turning off a light.


  1. The 4th Trimester: Re-creating the womblike atmosphere your newborn baby still yearns for.
  2. The Calming Reflex: Quickly soothes fussing and crying.
  3. Five easy methods to turn on your baby’s calming reflex.
  4. The Cuddle Cure: Combine with 5 S’s to calm even colicky babies.

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  1. Rated 2 out of 5


    Dr. Karp’s methods of fdniing the calming switch are amazing. It’s one thing to read his book, look at the images (try to figure out how to get that blankie tucked just right), or to view the DVD, but to teach these techniques to parents, or to be a parent witnessing this for the first time in action, is indescribable. I’ve been a HBB parent educator for some years, and love giving this gift to new parents as a personal baby shower present. A young couple allowed me to offer this gift to them and their I believe 4 week old baby girl. Mommy had been losing sleep, losing patience, and was beginning to lose all manner of reasoning for letting her handsome young husband partner with her in this whole parenting thing. I viewed with them parts of the DVD, then modeled the swaddling. Baby Paige wasn’t extremely fussy, just having difficulty self-regulating to let herself fall asleep. I demonstrated how to perfect the swaddle, then the side-stomach laying, and right there little Paige CLICKED on that calming switch almost loudly enough to hear. I will never forget the look on mommy’s & daddy’s faces. Their jaws were literally dropped. Of course, mom was so tired out, that hers only dropped a little, but the witnessing of this miracle was indeed an eye- and jaw-opening experience for them.

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