Sunday Mornings

It is a great thing to wake up on Sundays and be together. Make breakfast (always Rache’s famous pancakes and green juice), get to work on our individual projects and jam out to fantastic tunes. Tea is steeping and always hot, PJ’s are in full swing and whatever state the world is in, doesn’t matter for the moment. We are here, together, happily.

Today is like no other Sunday. We are writing and working away and Rache just finished making (and now has to clean up) her pancake mess. Kurt is finally back in the studio today, getting the walls prepped out of request from Rache. Our apartment is 1/2 dedicated to living and 1/2 studio and the studio part is essential to the flow of the space. Kurt’s lack of work has been a loss in his spirit as much as our interior design. It is time to get started again!

Lately, we have both been down a little, trying to figure out our next move. Z!BE is on its way in just under 24 weeks and we have a lot to do in order to get ready. It is amazing how you instantly become parents. All things, but especially money, matters in a way it never did before. We have to make something happen with Kurt’s work and Rache has to make a shift from work soon.

We will keep you up on our evolution of selves as time goes. But for now, make pancakes and celebrate SUNDAY!

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