Arrived in Guatemala

1st things 1st. We are happily here in Guatemala and are navigating our way with roughly 99% English. We have made it to Antigua which is on the way to Atitalan de Lago where we will go on Sunday.

We both love to travel and we hope to instill that in Iza. She was brilliant on the plane and loved to look out over the world below. It was so special to have her see what we were seeing and for her to actually get it. Kurt insisted we bring her tent and so during our layover we put it out for her to play around with her toys in. What a difference!

On our way in, the flight views below were unbelievable. We soared through some of the biggest clouds we have ever seen, hovering over a sea of mountains which were like a patchwork quilt. It is truly breathtaking. We arrived to Antigua by taxi from Guatemala City in around an hour. The flight was only 4 hours and 15 minutes, so in total our travel was only 5 hours and 15 minutes to get into our house and set up. I think pretty feasible to travel back to NYC regularly. It is actually closer than California, amazingly. The only funny thing is when we landed we realized we are going to be living in Mountain time which is actually 2 hours behind NYC. Whoops… would have been good to know that going in. 🙂 So work calls are going to suck if they are early!


Iza in Terminal