Trip Advisor Review: Caoba Farms, The Best Shop!

Caoba Farms

No Need for a Grocery Store or the Market, You Only Need Caoba Farms!

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5 stars for us: Check out our Trip Advisor Review.


We have fallen in love with Caoba… and might never find another place quite like it! Kurt and I are food obsessed and our life has been surrounded by wonderful ingredients living in LA, London and NYC. Here in Guatemala we were literally starving for quality organic food living in Atitlan (although Shad’s Atitlan Organics is pretty special… they are just starting out and the variety isn’t there yet). Moving to Antigua and finding the farm was incredible.

At least 2 times a week we come to the farm to enjoy the atmosphere and relish in the expansiveness of the views. Iza loves seeing the animals and playing with the cracked shells which line all the walkways. And once a month is the most wonderful farmer’s market which allows for all of the suppliers in the tienda to showcase their wares. It is really a special experience with live music and delicious food.

This is the only place we grocery shop. Aside for the very rare occasion of Organica, we nearly buy everything from the shop at the main farm. They have wonderful artisanal products from local suppliers and abroad and all fresh produce grown on their farm. The coffee is exceptional as are their wine selections, honey and peanut butter.

This is literally the best place on earth.

Saturday mornings offer a great routine for Iza and Rache who head out to the farm right at open time at 8am. They walk the grounds, get a little fruit ice popsicle and then they do our weekend food shop. It is a great way to kick off the weekend.

Recently we decided to do our family photoshoot and we decided that the best place to do it was here. So, we put on our tie dye and headed to the farm. Luis Pedro Gramajo did the photography.

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An Italian Surprise

Yum. Finally a real stove with pots that don’t lose their Teflon as you are serving! It is amazing to have an American-style stove and all the amenities. We will start getting more into our posts now that we are having the best meals ever and are officially back up and running. Stay tuned.

As for our 1st meal back in a real kitchen – I made the absolutely most spectacular Italian meal. We had gluten free pasta from La Salud Para Vida in San Pedro and our favorite tomatoes and zucchini from the Marcado in Panajachel. Sandra’s 2 supplied the italian seasoning and vino tinto. And finally the most beautiful lettuce leaves came from Atitlan Organics which we bought at the market on Tuesday in San Marcos La Laguna. It is wonderful to be able to work with the locals to build up our eclectic shoppers lifestyle (one that we were very accustomed to and appreciative of in New York City), mastering the ability to get the best tasting products available.

The zucchini really made the meal. They are beyond anything we have tasted in the states – full of flavor which was both nutty and sweet. They retained their shape, even though I cooked them for 20 minutes. They were browned on both sides and had the appeal of the meat of the plate. The salad was a great after complement. We quickly dug into the pasta like excited dogs (man, when you haven’t had pasta for a while it is like a drug) and then followed with the healthier finish of the perfectly crisp and flavorful lettuce leaves. Brilliant!

You can have this too, but it requires a trip to our kitchen in Guatemala.