Wyse Organics Delivery Meal System Review

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Part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle is eating fresh from the farm, but people have busy lives and cooking farm fresh takes time. If you happen to live in the NYC or Long Island area, you have an option that we strongly recommend from people we know and respect: Wyse Organics. This is not just any meal delivery service; it is in essence a private chef service with an affordable price tag. You can trust you are getting good quality, exceptional flavor and fresh, local ingredients.

Delicious organic entrées.

Plans include entrées, sides and soups or kids meals. View Meal Plans.

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Chef Wyse has made it easier than ever to get delicious and healthful meals delivered right to your door. Annual subscription plans start at $149 per month. 

Using only local and organic ingredients, our menu changes with the seasons. This way the ingredients are at their freshest and provide the best flavor. From ripe tomatoes in the summer to pumpkins, squash and winter greens in the winter are all sourced from the best organic farms on Long Island and the surrounding region.

Wyse Organics Instruction Video from Wyse Organics on Vimeo.

Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard. Using modern sous vide and flash freezing techniques, we’ve made it easy for you to create a restaurant-quality culinary experience in 3 steps. If you have additional questions, please reference the Wyse Organics FAQs.


Wyse Farm Stories – Green Thumb from Wyse Organics on Vimeo.

Founded in 2014 by private Chef Allan Wyse and global organic food entrepreneur Erik Bruun Bindslev, Wyse Organics is a start-up with a mission to empower more people to savor the best organic, local and seasonal flavors from the comfort of home.

Wyse Mix & Match Video Series

Wyse Mashed Organic Zucchini with Spaghetti

This episode has Chef Allan Wyse using Wyse Organics frozen mashed zucchini from Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett in combination with spaghetti. Its an easy, organic and healthy 10 min. meal.

WYSE MIX & MATCH: Wyse Mashed Organic Zucchini with Spaghetti from Wyse Organics on Vimeo.


Wyse Braised Kale & Chard with Organic Lamb Chops

In this episode Chef Allan Wyse uses Wyse Organics Braised Kale & Chard as a perfect side for organic lamb chops. An easy 10 minute meal from Wyse Organics.

WYSE MIX & MATCH: Wyse Braised Kale & Chard with Organic Lamb Chops from Wyse Organics on Vimeo.



Chef Allan Wyse

Chef Wyse is a celebrated private chef amongst New York’s A-list. From Horizon Media to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fran Drescher, Mario Cantone and Kim Cattrall both of Sex and the City fame and numerous Fortune 500 CEOs. Allan’s name is synonymous with fresh, delicious and organic first-rate cuisine. Raised with an organic garden in his backyard, Chef Wyse has always known the importance of using only the best ingredients in his kitchen. He crafted his trade working in some of the world’s finest restaurants, including Daniel’s and The Modern in New York City. Chef Wyse has cooked alongside the world’s most renowned chefs such as Daniel Boulud and Marc Aumont.

Allan has appeared on “Food Networksiron chef chairman’s challenge, promoted both the Vita Mix blender and Turbo Chef Ovens (with Charlie Trotter) and hosted his own cooking show Wysecooking. Allan is based in Southampton, New York.

Erik Brunn Bindslev

Erik’s career spans more than 2 decades in which he has built up a responsible and long-term approach to global business. He is truly at home as a strategic partner for his clients building and managing multi-stakeholder brand building models. Current and past clients include: Linda McCartney Foods (vegetarian food business – London), Lady Carole Bamford and Family (luxury food/lifestyle and fashion/spa – London and Tokyo), HRH Prince of Wales (luxury food and lifestyle – London), COJEAN (high-end foodservice concept – Paris), Hakkasan Group (fine dining restaurant and clubs – London and Las Vegas), BlowToGo (mobile hair services- London)

Erik has lived in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Paris, Copenhagen and London. He  shares his time between his base in London, Long Island’s East End and travelling around the world.

The Rise of the Veg-Person (Vegan and/or Vegetarian)

There has been lots of speculation in the media over changing your diet from meat-based to plant-based. Tons of research has gone into eating raw (salads, nuts, legumes… mostly uncooked foods in their purest form) or vegan/vegetarian can provide you with a healthier, happier base for life. And it is has been a proven concept.

But what if you still like meat? Well, there are tons of meat look-a-like products like fakin’ bacon strips and veggie chicken nuggets, etc. But there is also a new alternative series of diets like Flexitarianism, Meatless / Meat Free Mondays which are rising styles of eating and they make sense. Moderation, substitutes or control around the traditional 3 meals a day (with meat as the main).

Michael Pollan, guru o’ all things food, says in his Food Rules Book, “Eat food. Not too much, mostly plants.” Even Cojean in Paris has adopted this statement and printed it in English on their lunch sandwich bag. It is a rising movement. Other key figure heads are the Esselstyn Family has been working towards this alternative diet for decades with early cancer patients in the 80’s and most recently the Fire House as documented in Engine 2 Diet. And further, the McCartney Family’s personal pledge and campaign called Meat Free Monday (based on the US’ Meatless Monday) is getting more and more media attention and they are angling towards small, incremental changes.

Its finally getting popular… and with good reason. Even Oprah has hosted The Vegan Challenge on her show! Whether it works or not is still to be determined, but at the end of the day the key is balance.


It doesn’t all have to be meat substitutes or non-delicious-looking foods. Moderation is important and especially portion control. Try making meat a side item instead of the main, or use meat flavoring or juices to flavor your veggies (if you are really craving meat). Use fish in moderation or dairy products to make the meal more interesting or spice it up with a smattering of flavours from herbs. The concept of Flexitarinism or one of the Monday campaigns is to eat what you want in moderation, but balance out with a more plant-based diet.



White House Chef Sam Kass and First Lady Michelle Obama work together with kids in DC on her Let’s Move to Schools Campaign. Their efforts and menu opportunities have not gone unnoticed and they are making tremendous change in reeducating the student population around the country on how to eat and it is mostly plants that they are promoting. Her shift to the MyPlate graphics earlier this year are just the first step.


Lots of menu development and time is going into Flexitarian Diets. Check out some of the popular cookbooks below!


We imagine there to be a great opporutnity in food delivery for this rising movement. Eating at a facility that has both raw / vegan offerings along with a full meat-based offering could be the solution. If you want to inquire on our project TILTKITCHEN, we would love to tell you more about how this can be implemented successfully in the same space…


There are a lot of key players right now. PETA is promoting, Celebrities, Schools, Parents, Food Companies, Restauranteurs, Authors, etc. Activists all around the world are coming out of the woodwork and telling their story, lightening the mood and getting the party started on change. Last year Planeat launched in the UK market as another Food, Inc. style documentary about living on a plants-based diet. Food Day is going to be marked this year as October 24th, so get out and support! Who knows what will happen next?