Tuc Tuc of the Week #3

Tuc Tuc of the Week The “Charley” Tuc Tuc is special because of the details.



Tuc Tuc 3 Front


Santa Cruz is by far our favorite town on the lake, it is just the cleanest and most cared for. You can tell especially by the stellar Tuc Tuc styling, symmetry and care that each driver takes with their Tuc’s. The town of Santa Cruz is on top of a massive hill, far above the lake, requiring Tuc Tuc’s for any travel to the village from the launcha (the name of the public boat).

This particular Tuc Tuc has a clean and well-maintained body, but the artistry is in the details. The front is totally tricked out so at night it is bright and shiny. The interior has equally exciting colors. Yellow is our favorite color (i.e. Ra’Co Life’s yellow), so we are a big fan of the piping.

Tuc Tuc 3 Side Left

Tuc Tuc 3 Side Right

The back seat has a floral vinyl wrap, which really makes the Tuc pop. It is a signature. And check out those stellar lights at the top. Unbelievably cool. Stay tuned for the next installment of a ‘night episode” of the Tuc Tuc of the Week.