Up with the Stars

As parents we rarely have the quiet moments available to expand. I have found in the last 6-months the need for earlier and earlier wake up calls to get what I want to get done and often because of our early bed times I just wake up anyway. Writing is my meditation, and in the wee hours of the morning I get a chance for as many moments as I can muster.

I have always gotten up early but what started at 5:30am in America, has quickly turned into 4am here and then 3am. I am literally awake for 3 hours with the stars… their shiny, brilliant-selves offering guidance, purpose and limitless heights of creativity. I get to BOUNCE. I  have 3 or more things in motion and I try to complete all by sunrise. In some ways it has taught me time management, in other ways intense chaos. Each morning is a new experience and with the stars in front of me my expanse for creativity shoots for the ‘stars.’