Throwback: Off the Cost of Madagascar – Ladies n’ Babies Island

Throwback Before Baby: I found this post in my drafts folders from an old website I built eons ago. I wanted to grab whatever content I could salvage and entertain everyone on Ra’Co Life. Here is an email that I sent to my friends in late 2010. It was fresh off a divorce and rearing for a good time. I wanted children, but knew they were out of reach. Read this post with a serious sense of humor!


Dear Fabulous Ladies,

You have been selected because I love you, you are single and you are what is keeping me ticking these days. I hope that you enjoy a good hearty laugh from my insanity.


Call me crazy (I am), but I am also completely brilliant and I have a fantastic idea. Like Hannah Montana (I have lots of nieces, don’t judge me for knowing who that is), it is the best of both worlds.

A few months ago in October I had this amazing idea… a world where we could get anything that we ever dared hoped for and a way to do it. Imagine a sensational (Luca, your word), model-perfect beach, surrounded on all sides by sea. A land of plenty; offering gorgeous sunrises, fantastic sunsets and sunny days all year round with children and gorgeous men.

Look at us. We are incredible women. Producers, Designers, Teachers, Writers, Lobbyists, Chefs, PhD’s, Architects, etc. We can and should have anything we want, but one problem – there are no men that are good enough for us (okay, maybe a generalization… but go with it for the sake of drama) and we all want families, soon. So, more than likely we will have to settle to get what we want before mother nature ticks her way off our richter scale. Beyond that, do we really want to deal with smelly socks and the toilet seat being left up for the rest of our days? Come on already, actual children are enough work we don’t need adult children thrown in the mix.

Off the Coast of Madagascar is this place where we can go to have children and be part of a communal raising. The worlds first female/children-only commune, built at the helm of sustainability. We are women who never settled and now choose a greater path in life: loads of children from all over the world, some biologically produced, some adopted, some foster and others that were fully raised and never had a loving environment. Women who want a chance to embrace all things motherhood and create a loving and wonderful space for our children to learn and grow. We will help each other to do it. Keep your career, or don’t! We will make it work as a team!

Okay, now I feel a little like a lunatic, but here is the punch line: We are NOT going to do this without still getting male attention. No way. We are going to solicit an unbelievable pool of fantastic men that will join us in this quest to realize our dreams. Working off an annual calendar, we will have a schedule of different “talent” that will be imported for our entertainment, friendship, reproductive purposes and for our thrust-and-release program (i.e. fuck buddies). Want a Greek God? An Italian Stallion? A Hairy Persian? A Californian Surfer-dude? A British Bloke? We will have a schedule for every single type so we can be sure to try them all out.

But that’s not all…

This is going to drive some serious PR. Anticipate a financially free and clear life through an ad-driven site, annual calendar sales, tours, donations and an exclusive product line from Ladies&Babies. We are going to be Billionaires. Yep. That’s right, I used the b-word.

Sounds crazy? Of course! But the best part is that we get to make the freakin’ rules. Let’s build this community to be what we want, including our own governing body (i.e. Fey). So… as they say in Jerry Maguire – “Whose with me?!”


The responses from the email were mixed – mostly funny and a few that scolded me for thinking my ovaries were drying up, and another one yelled at me for not working. And coincidently there was even some real opportunity behind this; my friend’s colleague was creating a film for Off-Grid living and he asked if I would really participate in something like this and be filmed. (HELL NO!)

Even more… I went out for a blind date from my stylist (my fabulous hair dresser Stephen who is very posh) with this guy Marc a couple of days after I sent this email. It turns out he is from Maritius, which is an Island off the Coast of Madagascar. He has some land and was thinking about what to do with it and I gave him a pretty thorough idea…

Part of the beauty of living, is exploring, why not explore all our opportunities? As adults we don’t give ourselves permission to play make believe. When we do it is “weird” or “immature.” I love this idea and it was poignant for this time in my life.  It is funny and original and it could be a really viable brand. Did I really want to do it? No – but I love thinking this creatively about forging your own path in life.