Story of Us: Throwback: Over the Internet…

It was such a great coincidence. An email came to me from my friend Ryann Levo (one of my Ithacan transplants from Bmore) who found online that this guy went to MICA and was a Raw Food chef in Ithaca. How cool! After a quick Google search on his name (with little that came up), I jumped on the opportunity to reach out and connect. The phone rang into voicemail, so I composed an email to cover all my bases.

I called the next morning at 7am and Rache picked up immediately. From the email, it looked like a great opportunity to get to know someone in a small town who seemed like she had a great business sense and was extremely involved in the healthy food movement. I was definitely itching for a bigger opportunity with Kurt’s Cuisine and this looked promising to collaborate with an expert.

We chatted briefly and connected about getting together at a later date…and Friday seemed liked the day. Both of us were excited, motivated and opportunistic… but neither had any expectation of a romantic interest or anything beyond business: Rache fresh off a breakup and Kurt still reeling from a 2-year Zen stint, completely focused on building a business.

And the rest is history.