Problems in Antigua, our first couple of days in Guatemala.

Just before we left for Guatemala I had a really bad flare up of my inner ear condition, which could be Meniere’s syndrome, but I’m still not sure what it is exactly. It is often caused by stress or pressure changes in the weather but I don’t really know what caused it this time. I haven’t had any problems with it in a long while and it seems to have come back at a really bad time.

What happens is I lose most of the bass frequencies in my left ear and get extremely nauseous with migraine headaches and extreme body pain. It basically is like having the most devastating hangover you could imagine and it usually incapacitates me for the first two or three days. Poor Rache really had to rally (like always) because I was bedridden for a day and a half. It was just the beginning of her vacation and she only has a week so I really felt bad that she had to watch Iza the whole time while being really exhausted from our travels.

Fortunately she kept a great attitude, stayed positive, explored the city with Iza, met some great people and found some really nice healthy places to eat.

One thing that sucks about Meniere’s is that is is caused by a fluid imbalance in the inner ear and I have to do everything I can to control it. That means no caffeine and very little salt. And here we are in Guatemala which has some of the absolute best coffee in the world! Well, we have lots of time here so I will give it a couple of months then sample some of their great java.

Now that we are in Lake Atitlan I am starting to feel much better and ready to explore this really beautiful place we now call home.