Guatemalan Wall Art

Lake Atitlan is dense with great outdoor wall graphics. Everyone seems to paint their own murals, logos, and signage on the weathered stone, adobe and concrete walls and the work really looks beautiful. I love meandering through the narrow passageways of the lake’s villages looking at these colorful and skillfully rendered graphics. These days the art of sign painting seems to be lost in most places, but here it remains strong. Check it out! More to Come…..








Pura-Vida-Thumb Wall-Graphic-San-Marcos-thumb

Venta-De-Articulos-thumb Partido-Thumb Nueva-Era-San-Marcos-Thumb Amigos-Thumb Agua-Pura-thumb Wall-graphic-3-Thumb Sabila-Thumb San-Juan-Corn-Painting-Thumb Wall-1 Wall-Graphic-2-Thumb



Spanish Harlem Living

There is something to be said for living in a hotel. Outside the sea of bodega’s, laughter and honking, inside a clean and magical space. Water pressure, outlets on every wall, etc. We are definitely not roughing it living in Spanish Harlem. We have a beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath apartment to end our Spring 2014 NYC experience and are so happy here.

Part of the luxury of living in the city are the deliveries. We hardly have to use our cars (although we love to when we can), and we get deliveries 2x a week from Fresh Direct and our lovely local wash n’ fold. Iza has taken to these deliveries like a champ and obsesses over the boxes. We have made houses, castles and just let her move everything around. It is an awesome site to see!

As we near the close of our journey here, we are sad to say goodbye, but happy to know that Spanish Harlem has been our home for a few months. It is where we will most certainly come back to… the people are divine, the church bells always clanging and the bodegas full of the best of every type of mexican food imaginable… oh – and we get to live in a sort-of hotel.