The Perfect Moment While Getting the Kid to Sleep

Getting our kid to sleep is one of the most ridiculous rituals.

Now that Kurt has gone back to the Lake to finish packing I am on nighttime duty with Iza, which is normally Kurt’s gig and I am finding that he has created a pattern of insanity.

She requires the normal stuff – bath, brushing teeth, pj’s, 2 books and then her sleep sack just to get ready which is a chore in itself. Then due to her father’s coddling ways, you must lay with her until she is completely sound asleep. When I say sound asleep we are talking about:

  1. 10 minutes of babbling in the dark
  2. Another 10 minutes of flopping around to get out unused energy
  3. 30-45 minutes of spooning in the nook of my arm. (If you move her too early she will wake up after a ‘cat nap’ of sorts and likely not go back to sleep for a little bit, or we have to leave her to cry it out for another 15 minutes which is torturous for everyone.)

All in it is typically about an hour and 15 minutes every night to get this kid to bed.

But in the last few days I have mastered the process by finding this perfect moment: Just when the breathing starts to slow and I can feel her body go limp in my arms, her death grip loosening on my hands, I can transport her to her crib and she will only cry/whimper for a few minutes. It is right around the 10-minute mark (into the 30-45 minute spoon stage), so that buys me at least another extra 20 minutes a night.

A few things have come up in my discovery of this:

  • I am super in tune with my daughter and her breathing now, more so than I wish to be
  • She is the most stubborn, willful child and there is an element of manipulation that I, as a mother have to give into in order to just survive the experience
  • Sleep appears to not be high on her priority list, but somehow it is high on mine
  • My husband is an enabler

🙂 I suppose we all have our own ways.




We are off our schedule… yikes! Did we have a schedule?

We often hear about “the schedule” and the importance of keeping a kid on one. We are well versed in theory, a little wishy washy in practice. I remember hearing my friends talk about having to get their kids home to make sure they maintain a peaceful existence for all and thinking I will never participate in a schedule. Let me tell you – sleep is key and these little buggers will certainly let you know when they want to sleep, often having such a meltdown that no one sleeps. This is a daily occurrence for the Brand Fam because we haven’t quite figured out how to get onto a consistent schedule.

Last night we officially kicked off our adventure after our final sale of the Prius V (I know, so sad) to Carmax. Thanks to my long time bestie Pierce we managed to get from Laurel, MD to Little Havana in downtown Baltimore during 5 o’clock traffic, in style. We were greeted by Pierce’s new (and fabulous) girlfriend Emlyn and our long-time friends Holly, Tuffy and Barri who each brought their kids (Holly – Maggie & Cora, Tuffy & Barri – Sarah). We even had a special cameo from Pierce’s college buddy and my wonderful friend Mercedes! It was like coming home for me and great to see familiar, loving faces on our way out of town. But it was especially special to spend time with the 3 amazing little munchkins and our Iza and as you can see from the photo none of them were on a normal schedule. I bet all the parents are suffering for it today (so an enormous thank you for taking your kids off their schedule to come and play).

It is now 5:40am, but we started our adventure this morning at 3, after sleeping for only 3 hours. Iza played her little butt off at the airport and now she has pooped out just as we board. Honestly the cutest picture, ever. But we will still see what’s in store for today!

Practice makes perfect, right? I guess we will have to stop going out at night with Iza at our sidekick to stay on a schedule.