Infinite or Finite

I had a beautiful chat with my Auntie “Princess Beep-a-lot” (Beth) and her husband / my Uncle Craig. We have always been very close, mostly because I make a quarterly homage to visit and because we have a similar love for nature. I love them both as family, friends and advisors.

Uncle Craig is a unique personality. He has had many iterations of life and carried many titles, the most recent as of 2 weeks ago is “retired.” For 25+ years he has taught music at Flagler County Middle School. It is one of the few schools in the country where they really have a dedicated guitar program. He is a teacher at the core and when we spend time together he is always sharing. In the morning when I am home with them I go out on the kayak and row boat or sit by the ocean or just go for a bike ride together. He has expanded my view of the world and helped me to slow down and just see.

Now in this new iteration of his life he has a wide open expanse of time, unattached to a school schedule. Yesterday during a conversation with them Beth said to Craig while on the phone with me, “you have an infinite amount of time now.” Craig corrected her to say, “Finite, Beth. All our time is finite.” She corrected him back and said, “It’s infinite.”

Both are right. Time is always finite ultimately, but one thing I know for sure – there is no direct expiration date or time stamp on life. Every moment is truly infinite. Lucky Uncle Craig gets to finally spend every moment doing just as he wants – waking up with the sun, soaking in the precious moments of life.