Uppababy Stroller… Oh How We Miss You!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]We bought this by reading reviews and it has not failed! There are several features we think are must-haves.

  1. The silver lining which becomes a sunshade. It is a lifesaver with a very picky toddler who is constantly bothered by the sun.
  2. Storage. Come on, the universe requires crap when it comes to kids. We could NOT live without this basket. I especially love the dividers which allow for a mommy bottle and a baby bottle, or diapers, etc. I have never carried a diaper bag.
  3. Hand extension. My husband is tall, I am miniature. It works for both of us and is a comfortable push no matter what size is in charge.
  4. Packability. This thing goes FLAT! It is so easy to chuck into the car or store in a closet.
  5. Drivability / Kiddie-comfort. The wheels on this bus are hefty. What that means is that our little one has a very smooth ride. It also allows us to manage the cracks in the NYC sidewalks and the paths of Central Park.

There are few complaints, but here are 2 key ones:

  • Collapsing sucks. It requires two hands to delatch this thing and is seriously a pain. With an infant I would have to pop out the seat and put it in the back of the car with her in it, then pray she wouldn’t move too much that she would bounce herself right out of the car. Then use both my hands to delatch. Truthfully a very thoughtless design feature knowing how thoughtful the “pop up into action” (opening it up) is. That effort takes 1 second flat and can be done essentially without hands!
  • Too much visibility into the basket. Since it is a mesh basket, if you put anything in it of value, it is totally visible to the passerby. If it was a opaque nylon and had a drawstring coverlet like the Bugababy, it would be a better all around design.

But those two complaints are nothing in comparison to the absolute awesomeness of this stroller. GET IT!

If you already like Uppababy and are looking at lots of options, here are my two cents: The Uppababy Vista is a waste of money… it is simply too much stroller (unnecessarily so). The Uppababy Lite is great down the road, but doesn’t work for an infant. The Mesa is killer! Go for it and you will have the complete package.

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