Thanksgiving… All that matters is food.

In the spirit of the holidays, we are without a doubt the luckiest as food lovers. All we do is get to eat, nap, hike and watch movies and occasionally lift our heads for a happy chuckle or a group hug. It is truly wonderful.

Tonight, the day after Thanksgiving, we have just come back from a hike, had a nice round of leftovers and are sitting around, relaxing by the fire. It is paradise.

Yesterday was our first Ra’Co Thanksgiving and it was certainly a magical experience. Typical Thanksgiving in both our familial homes looks something like brown food with a hint of a dark burgundy and a touch of muted dark green. Our 2o12 Thanksgiving was a colorful display of pinks, reds, greens and oranges with a hint of tan and brown mixed in for tradition and good measure. We certainly lifted the bar and know for years to come this is going to be the start of something great.

The menu is listed on our Ra’Co Thanksgiving page, but you can also see some of the highlight pictures below.

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