The Eternal Baseline

Balance is clearly important. It is not something I am good at, nor do I do well with putting myself into the box of routine… so I am trying. First up is getting back to a normal work schedule (i.e. 7-5pmish Monday – Friday), yoga as often as I can muster and then finally focusing on activities that are a couple of times a week. I have decided that those are the Macrodinner on Friday nights and UU on Sunday. So far, so good and at 3 weeks in, I am feeling great. Like most routines, eventually I know that this will be broken by travel for family, work or friend obligations, or possibly just because it is too wonderful to sleep and not get out of bed, but for now I am committed to trying.

Just like the seasons we ebb and flow with the moment. I have noticed that in relationships I struggle to incorporate someone else into my balance as I just don’t leave a lot of room for error. In having such a delicate struggle, I am working through what it means to engage someone else. Can balance be that thing that you always come back to; our internal baseline? This is what I know:

  • No matter what, my body wakes up between 5 & 5:30am no matter where I am in the world. It just adjusts.
  • I can sleep anywhere, including standing up and at 10pm my body starts to shut down. At midnight (as most of my friends will attest) I pass out wherever I am.
  • Raw food is my main, but I enjoy some cooked food. I try for no less than 50% of my diet to come from Raw food, but no more than 80%.
  • I like a good tequila and/or 3 fingers of a sensational single malt scotch, neat.
  • Having a home with my artwork collection on the walls is essential to my character and I cannot live without it.
  • Running every other day is essential to staying sane and I like to kayak as often as possible.
  • I need to have lots of time to work… no matter what I am working on. I like to just have time.
  • Family is all important, next to restaurants.

It is interesting that I always come back to food as a part of my constant. No matter what it is essential to what I do everyday and what I intake absolutely effects my mood, my balance and my day.

I have been talking and thinking about this concept, FOREVER, and now I am going to put it into motion: Ra’Co. 50% Raw Food, 50% Cook Food and I am going to do it with this great Raw Food Chef, Kurt Uchtman. Who knows where it will go, but hopefully there is a clear path at the end of how we can spread this message.

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