Vegan, Gluten-Free Pancakes

As a person who has really not eaten many wheat-based products, or enjoyed much of anything typical as it relates to breakfast foods, finding a delicious recipe for vegan and gluten free pancakes has been awesome… especially in the cold, Ithaca winter. Here is my magical recipe.

Ingredients (just add to your liking, we are visual here and don’t take well to measuring):

  • Make up wheat with a blend of Buckwheat, Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour
  • Orange juice and almond milk (about half of each)
  • Add a healthy splash of sparkling water, we recommend San Pellegrino
  • A dash of vanilla goes a long way (not necessary)
  • Salt and Sugar to your liking (not necessary)
  • Add a little spoonful of veggie oil (we prefer sunflower oil, because most veggie oils have soy in them these days)
  • Crushed pecans and blueberries or tiny chopped up apples

Then add it to the pan and see what happens. It is a bit of an experiment always, so sometimes we add in some baking soda or powder depending on what happens, but it is really not necessary.

We make a delicious pear butter, or you can use tahini with sliced almonds and agave to have a spread. Instead of maple syrup, we use an agave, and it is always served with a little fresh salad and fruit for a balanced meal.

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