Raco Life Volcan Fuego Christian Samsara 2

Volcan Fuego Explodes in Antigua, Guatemala

About 45km as the bird flies, or 75km driving from our house you can land at the base of Volcan Fuego; a still very active volcano nearest to Antigua, Guatemala. On Saturday, February 7th the day that my parents left to head home to the States, Volcan Fuego erupted so much that it clouded the sky in Antigua and Guatemala City closing the airport and leaving a dust of black ash behind. My parents were luckily able to get out in time, with their flight leaving at 3:45pm before the airport was closed.

In the morning hours it has been so foggy and rainy here, which has been a nice surprise and perhaps unrelated to the eruption. Fuego from what we understand has subsided, but it has been extremely active in the past few months, so only time will tell.

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Shots of the Volcano

Raco Life Volcan Fuego Christian Samsara 2

Photos collected from Conrad and Christian Santizo.

Video of the Volcano