Where are we going to eat!?!?

We left Cleveland this morning after a great stay with our friends and failed to eat a decent breakfast. I guess we were so hyped up on green tea and ready to roll that we totally forgot. So after a few hours of driving we realized we were starving and decided to pull over to get something to eat. Then we realized we were in Ohio outside of any major city and what were we going to eat? Arby’s, Mcyuks, Wendy’s, Burger King? Uh, sorry, we have too much respect for our bodies to do that to ourselves. As we swung off the highway Rache said “Man, I wish they had a Chipotle around here!” I was thinking “Good luck with that!” then she looks to her left, and Bam! A Chipotle, our choice for fast food. We love this place and it’s a magical oasis of healthy food in a desert of nasty greasy burgers, cheese drenched fried whatever and sugar filled beverages. Rache and I both get pretty close to the same thing, here is what we get:

– A big salad made of fresh crisp Romaine covered with vegetarian black beans, brown or white rice, lightly cooked peppers and onions, fresh spicy hot tomato salsa, tasty guacamole and corn (for Rache, not for me). We skip the cheese and sour cream of course (though they say their dairy comes from pasture raised cows and is free of rGBH, a synthetic growth hormone that has been linked to cancer….bad stuff, we’re sure you have heard about it by now) because Rache is allergic to dairy and I avoid it as it is just unnecessary. And we also avoid the wrap because we don’t do gluten. Rache gets the corn chips which is her occasional point of indulgence. They make them right in front of you.

We love Chipotle and always look for them on our frequent road trips. Wish there were more really cool and healthy fast food places to eat like these guys!

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