Wind Flowing Through My Veins

If you are from the East Coast of America more than likely harsh wind is not something you really think about. Sure there have been moments of windstorms from residual hurricane effects or other changing weather patterns, but it is typically a day or two. I never thought much about wind until now.

And I hate it.

I miss the tranquility. The silence of the night and morning hours is gone, and I can’t handle the constant clanking and rustling of our thatched roof. The dogs are up in arms, the fires are glowing bright and spreading, and power keeps going out. What I think is most frustrating is the consistency. There is literally never a moment without and it impairs our ability to go swimming, hiking, sit outside to eat, have a fire, etc. Rain is so sweet and soft, even when it is pouring there is something very therapeutic about it. Wind is harsh and angry!

When we moved here the Gringo’s told us there would be 6-months of rain and 6-months of perfect weather. We got here at the start of the rainy season, so by November 1st we were ready for sun. We had a pretty good month of November, December and now January has been unbearable. From our employees mouths who are local, we should be expecting this same weather behavior until end of February. Then in March and April it lightly rains regularly. So essentially there is one calm month of the year: May. Or maybe there is something else surprising that will happen.

My rant.

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